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Why QubeGB?

QubeGB was created by Darren Bunker and Raymond Kerr in 2007. The complete mission of theirs is to provide industry leading telecommunications and installation services. As QubeGB’s client list grew larger and larger, the needs of our customers also grew. Because we value our customers over everything, we made it a mission to offer customer focused services which help us deliver extremely innovative and timely solutions. Since 2007, we have expanded out service offerings to allow for us to meet the diverse needs of our many different customers which includes; telecommunications, IT solutions, and E-Commerce services. Because of QubeGB’s ability to adapt, the client list now stands impressively large with clients in many different areas and industries.

Below we will go over some of the different ways QubeGB differentiates itself from the competition.

1. Client Relationships.

One of the biggest advantages that they has is the fact that there are so many solid client relationships that they have developed and maintained over the years. They are one of the first companies in the industry to really focus on delivering a very client focused solution. Because they have grown in accordance to their own customers needs, it has the unique ability to adapt and really cater to individual clients rather than providing a blanket solution that just doesn’t work. Through these types of relationships, they has been really good at improving it’s service, offerings, and quality.

2. Solutions.

Another area where they have risen above the rest is the fact that they offer excellent personalized solutions to each one of their clients. As noted previously, because they have adapted and adjusted their offerings in accordance with their customers, they have the ability to implement the best solutions and technologies that their customers would require. They have also developed extremely flexible solutions that should help various clients in many different ways.

3. Transparency.

Another huge thing that they offer is transparency – . Because they believe that their people and employees are the real key to their success, they ensure full transparency and communication between employees and customers. This is going to allow the client/customer to really be engaged throughout the entire process and know exactly what is going on at all times. This is something that a lot of the competition simply does not do.

As you can see, there are plenty of different reasons why they are such a good company to choose. Check out for more reasons to choose them.

Cycling In The Olympics Is One Of The Top Events


The Olympics are well-known in every country in the world. Every fours years, it is the main target for all sportsmen and women. Progressing up each level to become one of the best in the sport they do, and to have the chance of winning a gold medal, is something very few people get to achieve. Although a couple of decades ago cycling was not considered a major sport in the Olympics, it is now one of the biggest watched events at the games. When the indoor cycling takes place, the arena is always full to capacity, while the outside races attract tens of thousand of spectators.

The indoor cycling arena is referred to as the Velodrome, and this track is unique in the sport. It is an oval shape, with high slanting sides to keep the cyclists on the track when travelling at high speed. If it was flat, then it would be extremely difficult to corner at the speeds these top end cyclists manage. There are many different race types from sprints to tag races. Some are for individual riders, while others are team events. In recent years countries like Germany, USA, and Great Britain have done very well.

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Many people who love cycling, with Adolor Uwamu being one of those, look forward to the Olympics with anticipation. It is a sport that can have you on the edge of your seat. Many of the finishes in the Velodrome can come down to a split second, while the outside time trials can be difficult to work out until the last racer is over the line. Cycling these days has a huge following around the world. Adolor Uwamu enjoys cycling for its fitness benefits. As bicycles these days are cheap compared with a decade ago, it is a sport many people can get involved in.